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Last updated: April 12, 2022

Traeger Pro 575 Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: April 12, 2022
TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use grill, you may wish to consider the Traeger Pro 575. This is an innovative grill with plenty of user-friendly features that can allow you to grill or smoke delicious foods. The model has an impressive capacity that can cook up to 24 burgers or five racks of ribs. This should be more than sufficient for a regular Sunday BBQ, but it can also handle the demands of a family gathering. There are two racks, so you can also keep your proteins separate from your veggies, or use the higher rack to keep other proteins warm, so you can serve everything together.

The Traeger Pro 575 has an attractive design and is available in classic black or a rustic bronze finish. The model has a large hopper with an 18-pound capacity, so you won’t need to keep stopping to refill your supply of wood pellets.

In this Traeger Pro 575 review, we’ll explore the features, functionality and performance of this grill. We will examine how this grill operates and its capacity to help you to discover if this is the right option for your next cookout.


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Primary function
Grilling, smoking
Fuel source
Wood pellets
Main cooking area
418 sq. in.
Warming rack area
154 sq. in.
Total cooking area
572 sq. in.
Hopper capacity
18 lbs.
500° F
Porcelain coated steel
27 x 41 x 53 inches
124 lbs.


The Pro 575 is the entry level model in the Traeger line of WiFi enabled pellet grills. This model is a midsized grill that has a 425 square inch cooking grate with a 150 square inch additional grate, so you can enjoy plenty of cooking space for your next outdoor party. The grates are porcelain coated for easy cooking and cleaning.

This model also features some innovative features including the WiFire remote control system that can be paired with the user-friendly app, offering additional features and access to the Traeger recipe library.

Here we’ll delve into these and the other key features of this grill to help you to make an informed purchase decision.

Overall Performance

Traeger Pro 575 Review (Summer 2022)

The Traeger Pro 575 takes its name from the 575 square inches of cook space. There is a large storage hopper for the fuel pellets that are moved by motorised auger to the electric powered furnace.

There are over a dozen types of wood pellet available for the Traeger line of grills, so you can tailor the pellet mix to create the perfect smoke for a unique flavor. You will need a substantial 20-pound bag of pellets on hand to make the most of this grill and you will need access to an electricity source.

However, once you’ve fired up your grill, you can enjoy a great grilling experience with plenty of features that enhance usability.

Cooking area

The Traeger Pro 575 is an ideal size for any at home griller. It offers 572 square inches of grill space, which is more than enough for five racks of ribs, four chickens or 24 burgers. There is also great flexibility, as you can cook your proteins on the main rack and use the second rack for grilling your veggies or to keep your proteins warm, so all your guests can eat at once.

The main grill measures 22 inches x 19 inches, while the second tier is 22 inches by 7 inches. With this amount of cooking space, you should be able to BBQ for your family regularly, yet it has the capacity to keep everyone fed at your next outdoor party.

Fuel source

The Pro 575 is a pellet grill that uses wood pellets, but this model has a temperature regulation system that is a little like the oven in your kitchen. The grill thermostat lets the controller know if the temperature drops below your set level. The controller feeds pellets into the fire pot until you regain the desired temperature.

Traeger pioneered pellet grills and they dominate this niche. The great thing about using pellets is that they are a uniform size fuel, which creates a more uniform cook temperature. Additionally, as we touched on above, Traeger has more than a dozen types of pellets, so you can create a delicious, unique flavor for your meats.

Pellets are also easier to clean and less hassle to use compared to charcoal. What makes this model impressive is that the hopper has an 18-pound capacity, so once you’ve loaded it, you shouldn’t need to constantly replenish the pellets, which can cause temperature inconsistencies and cooking problems.


This grill has an attractive shape and is available in either classic black or rustic bronze. The design includes a large hopper with a capacity for up to 10 pounds of pellets and all terrain wheels for improved durability.

Cooking grates

The Traeger Pro features porcelain coated cooking grates that make them easy to clean. You can scrape down the grates or use a damp cloth to remove any grease or food debris that lingers after each grilling session.

Ease of use

Traeger Pro 575 Review (Summer 2022)

This grill is very easy to use and has plenty of modern features. You can adjust the temperature using your phone and the grill has the flexibility to work as you need it. With its impressive capacity, you can prepare enough food for your next family gathering without leaving people queuing up for a burger.

Once you’re done cooking, cleaning up is a breeze. You simply need to allow the grill to cool down and then wipe down the grates, so you’re ready for your next grilling session.

Safety features

The main safety feature of the Pro 575 is its meat probe. One of the dangers of grilling is serving yourself or your guests undercooked and potentially harmful meats. The meat probe allows you to gauge the exact temperature inside your meats. So, you can ensure your food is properly cooked without needing to cut that delicious cut in half.

However, the automated hopper feeder should also be considered a safety feature. The thermostat will automatically sense if the temperature has dropped below your desired level and trigger the auger to feed more pellets into the fire pot. This means that you don’t need to open up the grill and add more fuel to a hot appliance, as you would with a charcoal grill.


The Pro 575 weighs 120 plus pounds and while it has all terrain wheels, it is not the easiest thing to move around. Due to its weight, this grill is not ideal for road trips or camping. However, the rugged wheels make it easy to move around your backyard. Just bear in mind that you will need an electrical outlet or extension cord convenient to your cooking location.


A warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Traeger supplies the Pro 575 with a three-year warranty, which means that you should be able to enjoy years of stress-free use.

Should an issue occur, you simply need to contact the Trager customer support team who will work to resolve any problems. The warranty covers normal use and maintenance, so if there are any workmanship or material defects within the first three years of use, you can rely on Traeger to keep you grilling.

Ease of maintenance

This grill has a number of features that are designed to enhance the ease of maintenance. There is a magnetic hopper cleaner, so you can easily remove any excess particles. Additionally, the lower part of the smoke chamber is designed to drain any rendered grease to make cleaning even easier.

Key features

Traeger Pro 575 Review (Summer 2022)

While we’ve already explored some of the features of the Traeger Pro 575, there is more. Some of the key features include:

WiFire Controller: The Pro 575 has several key features that make this grill innovative and easy to use. The most obvious is the WiFire controller. This is mounted on the pellet hopper and can be operated remotely via smartphone app or on the grill itself. The integrated meat probe plugs into the grill’s control panel, threading through a small hole in the smokebox. Once you set your cook temp, put the probe into your food and you can walk away.

A built-in timer will signal the app when the prop reaches the desired internal temperature or the cook time is up. If your food cooks more quickly than you anticipated, you just need to click the Keep Warm app button. You can also use the app to access the Traeger library of recipes.

Traeger updated its app in 2020 for all its WiFi models including the Pro 575. The new version features video content and new recipes, new tips, simplified controls and compatibility with Alexa and Google Smart Home systems.

D2 Controller: Another innovation on this grill is the D2 controller, which plays a vital role in temperature regulation. This is a PID controller, which is the most accurate controller to maintain the temperature. It triggers the fan to operate at variable speeds, to raise or lower the temperature and smoke levels.

Direct Drive: We’ve already touched on how the auger feeds the fire pot with additional pellets from the hopper as necessary and the direct drive system is how it accomplishes this. These brushless motors are less likely to clog as they have fewer moving parts, creating a more flexible auger motor.

This system requires less maintenance and offers far greater efficiency compared to previous models.

Turbo Temperature: With the brushless motor and PID controller, you can easily achieve the desired temperature with the Pro 575. Combined with the pellet shaped barrel design and variable speed fan, smoke swirls around the barrel to ensure your food is coated in delicious, smoky flavor.

To increase the efficiency and heat retention of the Pro 575, Traeger has reduced the burn rate. Yet this grill can still deliver 180 to 450 degrees, producing consistent temperatures throughout the cooking area.

  • Can be used as a BBQ or smoker
  • Easy to use
  • Solid construction
  • Does require access to an electricity source
  • Too heavy and unwieldy for road trip or camping.




Hopefully in this Traeger Pro 575 review, we’ve highlighted that this is a competent grill, smoker and slow cooker. It offers a reliable way to BBQ without scorching meat, vegetables and fish.
Even if you’re new to grilling or would prefer to spend more time with your guests rather than glued to your grill, the Pro 575 is a great resource. However, it is also a superb tool for the skilled chef who wants to showcase their top-quality ingredients.

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