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Last updated: May 25, 2022

Traeger Ranger Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: May 25, 2022
TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Nothing beats having freshly prepared food when you are out hunting, fishing, or camping. But the fun is spoiled when you have to carry loads of stuff just to do that. Pellet grills are an easier and convenient option if you want to avoid propane tanks or bags of charcoal to fire up your grill.

Amongst the options available in the market, the Traeger Ranger Grill is the most convenient and durable one. The compact and portable grill is fired by wood pellets. This Traeger Ranger review will cover all these aspects that make it the best choice. The hi-tech features, simple operation, and easy maintenance put this grill in the top slot.

Ranger is manufactured by ‘Traeger Grills’, a name synonymous with manufacturing high-quality grills. The users find it to be an ideal portable solution for both indoors and outdoors. Whether it is placed on a patio, or countertop or the back of a truck, the grill works in all settings. The size is perfect to cook food for up to six people.

The Traeger Digital Arc controller enables the Ranger to ensure accurate temperature control. If you want to keep your food warm for later, there is also a ‘Keep Warm Mode’ for that. So, the next time you are out in the wilderness or just having some friends over the weekend, Traeger Ranger grill is there to double the fun.


Our #6 pick for the best portable pellet grill
Our #4 pick for the best traeger grill


Primary function
Total cooking area
176 sq. inches
Wood pellets
Hopper capacity
8 lbs
21 (W) x 20 (D) x 13 (H) inches
60 lbs

Traeger Ranger Grill Review

The Traeger Ranger is a rugged grill with feature rich options that make it extremely easy to use and maintain. The grill is designed to seamlessly work in the wilderness; however, it is equally efficient at home and even indoors.

The portable grill has porcelain-coated grill gates, latched lids and even a griddle is included. The built-in meat probe, Digital Arc controller and Keep Warm functions making cooking easier and worry-free. So, while you enjoy fishing at your favorite spot, the grill will do the cooking with the least of monitoring.

Overall Performance and Functions

Traeger Ranger Review (Summer 2022)

Whether you are in the wilderness or having a backyard get together, Ranger is the ideal solution as it requires no setup. All that is needed to fire it up is adding the wood pellets to the hopper.

The D2 controller makes the function really simple, just like switching on an appliance. From this point onwards you can simply control everything through patented WiFire technology.

Yes, the WiFire technology is there to make your life easier. The grill’s controls are connected with your phone through the Traeger App.

This app allows you to keep track of everything on the grill while also letting you set up cooking timers, select different modes, and adjust the temperature. You have the option of connecting via the app to any smart home device as well. But that’s not all, the tech also provides access to over 1,600 recipes.

The Traeger Ranger is designed for outdoor use and comes fitted with durable wheels built for all types of surfaces, making it easy to move. The TurboTemp feature boosts the time of startup while also helping to recover temperature when the lid is opened.

For cold weather, the grill features fully insulated and partial grill locks for even cooking. The TRU Convection System has airway patterns specifically to generate a whirlwind of smoke and heat, providing for faster and even cooking without flare-ups.

The grill gives a perfect wood-fire flavor with a Downdraft Exhaust system, that keeps fresh smoking flowing over the food to ensure a rich flavor. If you are one who enjoys more wood-fired flavor, then simply push the button to activate the Super Smoke Mode to increase the amount of smoke. In addition to this, the cooking speed and flavor can also be controlled by adjusting and positioning the bottom grates.

The grill is powered by a DC brushless motor, which is also an industry first. The brushless motors last longer and are more powerful. They provide enhanced precision and consistency.

Surface Cooking Area

Traeger Ranger comes with a total cooking space of 176-square-inches. Which means it can easily make meals for a group of six people. According to users, the cooking area is roomy enough to handle 12lbs of beef briskets.

In more simple terms, as claimed by the company, the cooking surface is ideal for one rack of ribs, six burgers, or ten hot dogs. These examples are here just to show the capacity. It is entirely up to you how to manage the loads and servings. A word of caution here though, please ensure that you do not exceed the loads suggested by the company.


The Traeger Ranger is a pellet grill, which means it uses wood pellets to fire-up. The pellets are easier to handle and carry than any other form of fuel. The convenience comes without the compromise of wood-fire flavor.

The option is not messy like charcoal and is more efficient as small amounts are needed to maintain consistent temperatures. It is important to note here that only Barbecue wood pellets, either from the company or open market, should be used. Using heating wood pellets will not give the wood-fired smoky flavor.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper has a capacity to hold 8lbs of pellet wood. The grill comes with a Traeger Pellet Sensor that helps monitor the pellet levels and even sends alerts when the level is low.

Ease of Use

Traeger Ranger is designed to provide you maximum ease of use. Besides the WiFire technology, the controls on the grill are simple and straightforward. With the D2 controller, you can fire-up the grill with just a push of a button.

The controller has a digital display that helps in setting the grill temperature, which can be adjusted in 5 oF increments using the easy access knob. Similarly, cooking timers can also be easily adjusted from the control panel.

The Pellet Sensor helps you maintain the right level of wood pellets required for the cook. You can simply monitor it through the app and add pellets when needed. The hopper is designed with a trapdoor that makes emptying and swapping pellets easier.

Adjustable dual-position bottom grates make it easier to place the food closer to fire for quick and searing heat so that the food is ready in less time. However, if you want more flavor with slow cooking then the grates can be positioned away from the fire. To ensure there is no compromise on the quality and taste, the TurboTemp and TRU Convection systems provide easy and consistent temperature control.

The temperature of the food can be conveniently monitored using the meat probe included with the grill. You don’t even have to lift the lid for that. This, besides being safe, also saves time and conserves heat.

Traeger Ranger Review (Summer 2022)

Safety Features

Everything from firing up to temperature control to monitoring the cook to pellet levels is controlled electronically, through the WiFire Technology. The digital display on the grill itself also provides all the information.

This eliminates the need to check the cooking from time to time. Furthermore, the controller has an automatic shut-down cycle that helps in the proper shut-down and cooling of the system. The rigid structure, rugged wheels, and cast-iron build keep the grill from tripping.

The user manual that comes with the grill has all the possible hazards and relevant warnings and cautions covered in it. It is strongly advised that you go through these instructions before operating the unit.


Traeger Ranger is designed as a portable solution. With overall dimensions of 21(w) x 20(d) x 13(h) inches and a total weight of 60lbs, this is the most compact and lightweight grill. It is so compact that it can easily be placed that it can even be placed on a kitchen countertop.

The weight is light enough for one person to carry it from one place to another. The rugged wheels also help in the easy movement of the grill. Whether you are having a party in your backyard or you are out camping, fishing, or tailgating, the grill goes wherever you want to take it.


The trapdoor installed in the hopper makes it super easy to remove ash from wood pellets. For smaller amounts of ash stuck in the firepot, a vacuum cleaner may come in handy. Alternatively, the firepot can also be cleaned with a tough cloth or a non-metallic brush.

The porcelain-coated grill grates and drip tray can be easily removed. These parts can be easily washed with soap and hot water. The non-removable parts can be easily cleaned with paper towels or cleaning cloths. More sturdy grease deposits can be scrapped using non-metallic brushes and then wiped off with a cloth dampened in hot water and soap.

The outside surface can be easily wiped clean with disposable rags or cloth dampened in hot soapy water.

Durability and Warranty

The grill is designed for rugged use. Therefore, all materials used are strong enough to withstand the intended use. The structure is mostly coated cast-iron, while Hi-gauge stainless steel is used elsewhere.

Owing to this the company offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing and quality defects under normal use.

There’s a 24-hours support hotline. Besides this, the claims and service support are easily accessible online.

Key Features

  • Portable and rugged
  • Keep Warm mode
  • Meat probe
  • Convection cooking
  • Porcelain-coated grill gates
  • Cast-iron griddle with drip tray
  • Latched lid
  • Patented WiFire Technology
  • Only grill with Brushless motors
  • Digital Arc controller
  • DC motor for improved consistency and precision

Price Tag

The Traeger Ranger is available for $399.99 only.

  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Precise temperature settings
  • WiFire Technology
  • Keep Warm Mode
  • Cooking Timer
  • Only useful for a group of 6 or fewer people
  • Slightly higher priced
  • Expensive




That concludes our Traeger Ranger review. It is an excellent choice for campers, hunters, or anyone looking to add wood-fired smokiness to their outdoor grilled dishes. It is lightweight and compact, making handling and movement easier. The grill is packed with features that allow you to spend more time having fun.

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