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Last updated: May 26, 2022

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: May 26, 2022
TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
What’s special about it:
  • Highly Portable: the leg design folds around the lid for security
  • Great temperature range: can hit 450ºf, ideal for searing
  • 160 sq. in. cooking area: enough for 6 burgers or 4 steaks
Key features:
  • Those who like to grill on their outdoor adventures
  • People with minimal outside space, such as balconies
  • Budget-conscious buyers who want an excellent charcoal grill
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TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

49% of grill owners prefer a charcoal grill, but this doesn’t mean that it is easy to choose the right model for you. Charcoal grills can vary in their characteristics and usage. Weber is a leading name in the grilling niche, offering a variety of grills in all shapes and sizes.

The Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is ideal for those who like to grill on the go. This compact grill is designed to be easy to take with you on camping trips, beach days, or tailgating.

This grill has been designed to be lightweight and portable without compromising on performance. It offers a decent cooking area and can reach 450ºf, which is essential for searing meats. However, you can also configure the charcoal grate for low and slow cooking. So, whether you want to grill veggies, sear steaks, or slow cook chicken – Go-Anywhere can handle it.

The grill is easy to set up, with minimal assembly required. The kit contains almost everything you need to get started, and the innovative design makes it easy to use for even novice grillers. So, even if you’re new to charcoal grilling, you can be making delicious food in next to no time.

In this Weber Go-Anywhere Grill review, we will delve into the features of this grill to help you make an informed purchase decision.


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Our #7 pick for the best tabletop grill
Our #6 pick for the portable grill
Our #4 pick for the best charcoal grills under 100


Fuel type
Porcelain-Coated cast iron
Item dimensions (inches)
14.5"H x 21"W x 12.2"D
Item weight (pounds)
Total cooking area (square inches)
Rust-resistant aluminum dampers
Glass-reinforced nylon handles


The Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is packed with features. This is an impressive grill that is ideal for those who like to grill anywhere or have limited space without compromising on cooking performance. Here we’ll delve into the highlights and potential weak spots to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overall performance

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)Grilling on charcoal is a culinary art, so it should not be compared with using a gas grill. However, the Weber Go-Anywhere offers the consistent grilling that you would expect from your gas grill at home.

The grill features a rectangular frame with a deep basin that allows you to build a decent coal bed for on-point grill temperatures. Even a novice griller should be able to maintain consistent temperatures for even grilling and the desired results. However, experienced charcoal grillers will be impressed with the possible sear temperatures and grilling flexibility.

You can adjust the cook racks and charcoal rack to suit your grilling needs. So, you can create a hot and warm zone or even split the rack and add a baking tin to make a mini smoker.

The surface of Go-Anywhere can reach 330ºf in a matter of minutes and approximately 455ºf within 10 minutes. This heat range of 300ºf to 450ºf is ideal for most of your grilled foods, from roasting veggies and crisping chicken to get a great sear on red meat.

The performance is further enhanced by the enamel-coated cast iron construction that is well insulated. This helps the grill to maintain the desired temperature for low and slow cooking. While it will take a little time to become familiar with the ventilation adjustments and optimal size of the coal bed, you should be able to achieve perfectly cooked, foil-wrapped dishes such as potatoes and fish.


Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)The Weber Go-Anywhere grill has an interesting design with some unique features. These are mainly centered around the legs, which have two positions. You can rotate the legs down and provide a stable foundation to use the grill, but there is also a latch to lock the legs together and prevent any unpredictable collapses while you’re in the middle of cooking.

With this position, the legs offer sufficient clearance that you don’t need to worry about heat burning the surface below the grill. This means that you should be able to use the grill on a wooden table safely. However, it is not a good idea to use a plastic table without at least putting a few fire bricks underneath the grill.

The second leg position involves rotating the legs up. They lock the lid in place, effectively turning your grill into a toolbox. You can then lift the grill by the lid handle to carry it around. This makes it a practical design for picking up and taking the grill with you on your outdoor adventures.

The Go Anywhere design also includes two hooks inside the lid. This allows you to hang the grill lid on one side of the grill. So, you don’t need to think about finding a surface to leave the lid when you’re checking on your food. Additionally, hanging the lid creates a windshield, which can be very useful if you’re grilling at the beach.

The design also allows for easy cleaning. For example, once you scrap any food debris off the cooking grate, you can simply wash with warm water and a little dish soap. You can also wipe the exterior clean using a cloth and warm, soapy water.

Of course, cleaning will require removing any ash accumulation and partially used charcoal. While there is no ash removal system, the design allows you to simply tip the ash out and dump it rather than needing to mess around with complicated release systems.

Carbon can build up inside the grill, but it can leave a little seasoning – all you need is just gently brush any flakes and scoop them from the inside of the grill so you don’t end up contaminating your food.


Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)The Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is designed to be portable, so it does have modest dimensions. The size with the lid closed is 14.5 inches high by 21 inches wide, with a depth of 12.2 inches.

This makes it an ideal size for carrying in with your camping gear or putting it in your car trunk when you’re off for the day. In addition, the overall size of the Go-Anywhere makes this grill far more convenient to use away from home compared to many other grill models.

While there are plenty of portable grill models on the market, many can be a little cumbersome to carry, but the small profile of the Go Anywhere means that you can literally take this grill with you anywhere.


Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)As its name suggests, the Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Grill is light enough to easily move around and carry. While it offers impressive performance capabilities and a simple design, this grill is lightweight and user-friendly.

Despite being small, the grill feels substantial, with pivoting legs that latch into the lid for easy carrying. This allows the grill to pack down into a space just over two cubic feet, which is slightly larger than an average carry-on piece of luggage.

This makes the grill not only look portable, but it should fit in even a standard vehicle backseat footwell. The design also ensures that all the ash and coals remain securely inside the grill during transport.

When unpacked, the legs elevate the grill from your cooking surface, while the sturdy frame can stand on grass just as easily as a table. Just be sure that you are careful with the handles. They are glass-reinforced nylon that does tend to get hot when cooking. So, although they should stay insulated from the grill heat, it is a good idea to allow them to cool off before you attempt to pack up or move your grill.

Cooking area

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)Since it has a rectangular shape, this grill offers a more usable cooking area than traditional rounded grills. So, while there are many portable grills on the market, the Weber Go Anywhere grill offers an impressive cook space in this niche.

The Go Anywhere offers 160 square inches of grill space, which will allow you to fit four steaks and a few veggies on the grill in one cook session. If burgers are more your thing, you can fit six burgers on the grill. While it may be challenging to fit a whole chicken on the grill, some mods may allow you to accommodate a larger grill load.

GoAnywhere really stands out because it has a rectangular shape – it is easy to create two different cook zones. You can create a direct and indirect zone to cook different foods or keep items warm.

Just be aware that since there is only a few-inch gap between the charcoal and the food grate, this grill does typically cook hot. So, if you have a layer of coal across the grate, you should keep watch on your food, or you may find it burned quickly.

However, if you cut your cooking grate in half, you can create a highly versatile grill. Cutting off the grate will allow you to add more charcoal during cooking without removing the whole grate. You can also remove one side of the grate and use a bread pan that will allow you to create a little smoker or low and slow cooking.

If you want to accommodate a whole chicken, you can remove the cooking grate. This will create enough height to fit the chicken.

The great thing about Go-Anywhere is that it offers this flexibility. So, whether you simply want to grill a few burgers at the beach or want to slow roast pork on a camping trip, this grill can handle all tasks.


Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)Like many of the other Weber charcoal grills, the Weber Go-Anywhere has the same porcelain-coated steel on the body and lid. This is a durable material that should not rust or peel if it is properly cared for. This material also retains heat, allowing better control of the grill temperature.

The grill handles are made with glass-reinforced nylon – it is a lightweight material, which helps to reduce the total weight of the grill, enhancing its portability. However, this material can get hot during a cooking session, so allow them to cool down before packing up or wearing gloves.

The food grate is made of lightweight plated steel. While this doesn’t cook food, and you would not find it with a cast iron grate, it still is an efficient cooking material. This plated steel is far lighter compared to a cast iron grate of a similar size. Since portability is the main selling point of this grill, it was obviously essential to shave off a few pounds with this compromise.

The fire grate is a little heavier than the Go-Anywhere’s cooking grate. It is made from a denser form of steel so that it can withstand the hot burning charcoal.

All in all, when compared to many other portable charcoal grills, the Go-Anywhere stands out. While it has been designed to be lightweight, the materials don’t feel cheap or flimsy. In fact, the whole grill has a solid, substantial feel, which suggests you could enjoy many years of use.


A warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. To this end, Weber is showcasing its confidence with the warranty offered with Go-Anywhere. This product is supplied with a 10-year warranty on the cook box and lid assembly. The plastic components have a five-year warranty, while all other parts have a two-year warranty.

This is very reassuring, as many lightweight, portable grills can be a little flimsy and not particularly durable. Go-Anywhere grill does not have this type of feel, but it is nice that such a great warranty supports this initial impression.

Even the potential weak areas, such as the handles and legs, are still covered for a substantial period of use. This means that you should be able to take your Go-Anywhere with you even if you head out on an outdoor adventure every week and still enjoy many years of problem-free use.

Accessories included

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review (Summer 2022)The Weber Go-Anywhere grill is supplied with everything you need to get started. The kit includes the grill body and lid, handles, a pair of legs, cooking grate, and charcoal grate together with two bottom dampers. There is also a hardware bag and owner’s manual included in the package.

However, there are some optional extra Weber products that can enhance your Go-Anywhere. This includes the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, allowing you to connect your grill to your smartphone for notifications and grilling tips. You can check a food readiness countdown and receive alerts for when you need to flip. In addition, you can select the doneness preferences and receive step-by-step assistance from set up to serving.

The Weber website is packed with accessories and tools compatible with this model and can help you take your grilling to the next level.

Price tag

The Weber Go-Anywhere is one of the best-value portable charcoal grills on the market for performance, size, and price. From apartment porches to small backyards and tailgates to picnics, the Go Anywhere represents a great deal of grill for the price tag. So, if you want to develop your skills at charcoal grilling and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Go Anywhere is well worth consideration.

  • Easy assembly: while the grill comes in several parts, it is easy to assemble, and you can be grilling in a matter of minutes.
  • Multi-purpose Legs: the leg design not only provides a stable base but also acts as a lid lock.
  • Lid hooks: these allow you to hang the lid or create a windshield.
  • Lightweight and portable: while the grill is light, it feels sturdy and substantial.
  • Handles get hot: the handles can get hot during cooking, so you need to be careful.
  • Cooks hot: since there is only a small gap between the charcoal and your food, this grill does tend to cook hot.
  • No built-in thermometer: the grill has a basic design that does not include a built-in thermometer.


Hopefully, this Weber Go-Anywhere review has highlighted an impressive grill that is ideal for those with minimal outside space or who enjoy grilling on the go. The design is lightweight and has an innovative leg design that locks the lid in place, making it easy to carry without worry about ash or coals falling out. In addition, the grill is small enough to fit in a car footwell yet has the grilling space for searing six burgers or four steaks in one cooking session. This makes it an excellent choice to take on any outdoor adventures.

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