Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium Comparison

Can't decide between Weber Performer Deluxe and Weber Performer Premium? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: November 02, 2022
Can't decide between Weber Performer Deluxe and Weber Performer Premium? We compared them for you.
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Weber is a popular name in the BBQ world. From such good quality to durable materials that last. The ‘premium’ and the ‘deluxe’ version are the best on the market and most popular. These two grills have made their way into the industry, but it can be hard to decide which one you want to buy. There are many similarities between the two, and we will talk through what each one has to offer, which will help you make the right decision.

Here we will discuss a quick overview of the specs that the two grills offer:

Specs Weber Premium Weber Deluxe
Dimensions 44x48x30 inches 44x48x30 inches
Weight 91lbs 91lbs
Cooking Area 395 395
Built in Thermometer Yes Yes
Heat resistance handle Yes yes
Colors Green, Copper, Black Black
Porcelain enamel lid and bowl Yes Yes
Removable LCD Timer Yes Yes
Stainless Steel One-Touch Cleaning System & ash catcher Yes Yes
Gourmet System Sear Grate Accessory No Yes
Electronic gas ignition for quick lighting No Yes
Warranty 10 years 10 years

Weber Performer Premium

Pros Cons
Large working surface The grill doesn’t come with a propane starter
Easy to clean The fancy digital cooking timer is just a basic egg timer
Charcoal storage
Easy to use accessories

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium ComparisonWeber Performer Deluxe

Pros Cons
Handles high temperatures No Propane tank included
Precision heat control No fuel bin
Grill temperature display Not as portable as other models
Plenty of up top workspace The bottom shelf lacks space


Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium ComparisonWeber Premium vs. Deluxe: What Is the Difference

The main difference between these two grills is the Touch and Go ignition approach. It is important for some while others are not too fussed by this.

Price Range

The price range for these two BBQs is quite affordable and well-priced for what they do.

The Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, comes in at just over $400.00, and the Performer 15501001Deluxe sits a little higher at the $459.00 mark.


Both of these Weber charcoal grills come with the same warranty.

Plastic components – up to 5 years without including discoloration or fading

Bowl and the lid – offering up to 10 years no burn through or rust

The one-touch cleaning- 5 years with not burn through or rust

All other parts have up to a 2-year warranty.

Who Can Use These Grills?

Weber Performer Deluxe

Weber performer deluxe comes with an effortless Touch-N-Go coal ignition technology that can be easily operated by a beginner, so you don’t need to be an expert in grilling while using it. It comes with a removable LCD timer and thermometer that assists your grillings and results to be helpful if you are naive with grillings. It comes with an intelligent precision heat control that lets you manage your temperatures, even without lighting the grilling lid. It comes with plenty of space to arrange your plates, and spices, and tools. It’s huge enough to hold 13 burgers at a time. This extra room of space makes your grilling easy, and you don’t have to arrange any further tables while grilling.

Weber Performer Premium

Weber Performer Premium is one of the best available portable grills and BBQs. This can be easily used by anyone who wishes to have some amazing grilled food. It comes with assistance features like a pre-installed lid thermometer, an LCD cook timer, a CharBin storage system, and a movable high-capacity ashtray. All these features are very convenient if you are starting to grill for the first time. It comes with weather-protected CharBin storage to conveniently store enough charcoal just beside the grill. It also comes with an easy set-up guide to install the grills, ashtray, and work table, so even if it’s your first grill, you can install it like an expert.

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium ComparisonDesign

Weber Performer Deluxe

It not only comes with a very attractive design but also is made in a very thoughtful way to upgrade your grilling game. It comes with a Charbin storage container that conveniently stores a sufficient amount of charcoal. The design set-up is also quite simple, as it comes with the Touch-N-Go technology for charcoal ignition, which allows you to start grilling only within a few minutes. Sometimes it becomes challenging to clean the BBQs after grilling, but it comes with a very intelligent design of high capacity ash-catcher tray that stops the ashes from blowing around and creating a mess.

Weber Performer Premium

The Weber Performer Premium comes with a brilliant design that makes your grilling experience very comfortable. This BBQ comes with a huge and versatile multi-functional cart with a premium quality metal surface; there are three holders given to hold your grilling utensils. Underneath the work surface, there’s a CharBin, that conveniently stores charcoal and protects it from weather damages. This CharBin is waterproof and makes extra charcoal easily accessible. The Weber Performer Premium proves to be a suitable design to grill almost all kinds of foods, as it comes with Char-Basket fuel holders that are easily movable, and you can arrange them depending on your grilling needs.

Hopper Capacity

Weber Performer Deluxe

The Weber Performer Deluxe comes with an amazing holding capacity of 2552 cm2, it has enough space to place your seasonings, spices, sauces, plates, and a grilling space to place nearly 13 burgers at a time. One doesn’t have to walk away to bring the ingredients, and hence this in-built work table makes your work a lot easier.

Weber Performer Premium

Just like the Weber Performer Deluxe, this Weber Performer Premium also comes with a huge workspace of 2552 cm2 and with a 57cm of diameter for your meal preparation needs. This hopper area is triple coated with premium metal and has a side-hinged Char-Basket, to add further fuel while grilling.

Cooking Surface

Weber Performer Deluxe

The performance deluxe model grill has plenty of cooking space that can easily serve four to six people. This is a standard size that works well. The cooking area has a metal, painted table for storage and prepping your food.  This means there is no juggling that often occurs with kettled-styled grills.

Weber Performer Premium

With this model, you get 363 square inches of space to cook on, which is the same as the deluxe performer mode. The cooking space can hold 13 burgers when they were created with the Weber burger press and cook them to perfection without a problem. There is a hinged cooking grate that makes it easy to add extra charcoal when needed during the cooking. This grill has enough room to cook for large gatherings.

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium ComparisonSpecial Features

Weber Performer Deluxe

This model of the grill has a propane-fueled electronic ignition system. This means you can start the grill with just a touch of a button. There are no hassles with lighters or matches. This suits those people who are always looking for something to start the grill with.

A Backlit LED timer and a built-in thermometer add plenty of versatility. This unit can bed used to bbq some ribs, make cornbread, and even use it as a smoker.

Weber Performer Premium

The premium offers a removable grilling plate and a one-touch cleaning system that even has an ash catcher. One thing that many models don’t have is the waterproof storage bin. Having the LED timer makes the display easier to see, so you know exactly how long the food has got to go.

Ease Of Use

Weber Performer Deluxe

With just a push of a button, you can easily ignite the coals, and the smoky aroma starts filling the entire area. Your food is cooked in this smokey aroma that you will enjoy with every bite. It comes with a work-table that facilitates your food preparation, arrange your seasonings and your tools within easy reach. This comes with powerful features like a charcoal lighter powered with gas, a digital timer to ensure your meals are cooked perfectly, and enough workspace to make work smoother and easier. It comes with nylon handles that protect your hand from getting hurt by becoming a shield from the hot grills.

Weber Performer Premium

This amazing BBQ comes with a very convenient and easy-to-operate electronic gas ignition system. Start your grilling without any hassle. Weber Performer Premium stainless steel, a one-touch cleaning system that has the amazing feature of vacuuming the ash and does not create a mess while grilling. It comes with a cooking area of 395 square inches to give you enough space to hold your grilling tools, and so you would not need any extra work table. The grills and sear gate are coated with premium quality porcelain enamel, which makes it non-stick and easy to clean. These non-stick grills make your food crispier and don’t create the hassle of sticking sauce or food on the grill.


Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium ComparisonPrecision Grill Set

Turning vegetables and flipping burgers or adding a glaze to your meat just got a whole lot easier. With silicon brush, 3 sided beveled edge spatula, and the locking tongs are your grilling essentials and are all you need to whip up a good feed.

Grill Brush – 18” Detail

The brush cleans all weber grill grates. Brush away debris, grease, and baked-on food. If you have a small space, you need to get clean: the brush will do the job. A non-slip long handle means you get a secure grip and the ability to clean in every nook and cranny of your grill.

Exterior Grill Cleaner

The exterior grill cleaner allows you to clean grime and dirt from the grill in no time at all. It is a cleaner that you can use every day on the exterior of your grill to help remove grease, residues, and water spots.

Silicone Grilling Gloves

Silicone gloves are perfect for working on the grill. The silicone is durable, and it allows you to take hot food off the grill without burning your hands. The good thing about these gloves is that you can wash them with some soap and water, and they are good to go for the next time you are grilling.

Traveler Cargo Protector

Time to protect your vehicle from grime and grease when you’re taking your grill with you to enjoy it on the beach or at your friend’s house. The cover will fit tightly over the grill and work to keep residue away from your car so it remains clean for the whole trip.


Both of these grills have much to offer. So when it comes to the weber performer deluxe vs premium, it can be hard to decide on great prep space for built-in thermometers and even a sturdy construction. These go beyond the traditional kettle-styled machines. If we had to choose one to go with and say it was the better option, we would go with the premium. That is our favorite because it doesn’t bankrupt you as much, and the next is because you have a removable grill insert that adds so much more flexibility to the food you can cook.

The biggest of all is the push start button ignition. This is only found in the deluxe models, but there is no need to jump the price up so much. If you’re a hardcore griller, then you will most benefit from the premium. If you are grilling on coals, try to limit how often you are doing this, as charcoal can be bad for your health due to the smoke the charcoal causes Trusted Source Does Charcoal Cause Cancer? Safety Information About Grilling Here’s why grilling with charcoal, and grilling in general, is associated with increased risk of cancer, and what you can do about it. and the high heat it produces.


Does Charcoal Cause Cancer? Safety Information About Grilling
Here’s why grilling with charcoal, and grilling in general, is associated with increased risk of cancer, and what you can do about it.
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