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Last updated: May 17, 2022

Weber Q1200 Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: May 17, 2022
TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you would like to grill spontaneously but are limited due to lack of space on your balcony or in your garden, you will find the small and mobile Weber Q1200 grill an ideal option. This product is the new successor to the Weber Q1000, and it’s different in features, dimensions, and weight. The possibility of optionally using it with a gas cartridge or gas bottle makes the Q1200 an ideal holiday or camping companion.

Our Weber Q1200 review covers all essential points you need to consider when choosing a gas grill like this. We’ll see what its overall performance and functions are, the size of its surface cooking area, the ease of use, safety features, among others.


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Primary function
Surface cooking area
189 sq. inches
Number of burners
Burner material
Stainless steel
Liquid propane
24.6 (H) x 40.9 (W) x 20.5 (D) inches
31 lbs
Up to 5 years

Weber Q1200 Grill Review

The Weber Q1200 gas grill is the successor to the Weber Q 1000 mobile gas grill. The Weber Q1200 grill has taken over the handy dimensions from its predecessor. The small portable gas grill can also be used on narrow balconies or restricted areas. Six steaks fit easily on the grill at once. So, your friends can also be invited to a barbecue evening with the Weber Q1200. In this section, we’ll tell you about all the features and functions that come with the gas grill.

Overall Performance and Functions

Weber Q1200 Review (Summer 2022)

Manufactured by Weber, the lid and body are made of cast aluminum. This means excellent thermal properties, supported by the 2-part, porcelain-enameled cast grate. A glass fiber reinforced nylon frame ensures heat and weather resistance.

The grill grate is designed so that no fat drips onto the burner, and it cannot ignite. We love how quickly and easily the aluminum housing, and the removable grease drip tray can be cleaned.

From many users’ experience, we can say that this is an excellent performance for a grill of this size, which of course, only comes with a burner. Even many large gas grills with 3, 4, or even six burners cannot reach 300 ° C. Not even remotely.

However, for an excellent grill result, you need very high temperatures in some cases. Especially when you are not grilling a wafer-thin steak, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway, or only the sausage is on the grill.

But still, the Q1200 offers enough space to grill six steaks at the same time. Two side tables provide additional space on which grill accessories or grilled food can be distributed.

The stainless-steel burner delivers even heat to the grill grate at the push of a button. The continuously adjustable burner valve enables perfect control of the grill temperature – also through the thermometer integrated into the lid. The burning performance is impeccable, and the cartridge is securely housed in the holder.

A side table can be folded out on both sides of the nylon frame to gain additional workspaces, such as storing grilled food or cutlery.

A removable fat drip tray supplements the structure, and a thermometer integrated into the lid.

A stainless-steel burner provides heat that is evenly distributed over the grill surface. If you operate the gas grill at a stationary spot, we recommend upgrading it to use a gas bottle.

If you prefer to use the gas grill on the move, you should stick to the more manageable gas cartridges for which the Weber grill is equipped.

With a weight of eleven kilograms, the Weber Q1200 is ideal for taking with you for a barbecue session at the lake, in the park, or on the campsite. The right position for the portable grill can be found quickly with the optionally available portable trolley. To maintain the individual style, the Q1200 is available in five colors: black, orange, blue, titanium, and red.

Surface Cooking Area

As mentioned above, the grill grate can be divided into two parts and has a total grill area of 189 square inches. It’s a sufficiently large area for everyday use but not designed for a large barbecue with many guests. After all, it is a flexible, compact solution.

In the “standard version”, the Q1200 is supplied without a stand or trolley. However, there are two alternative ways to increase the grill in the accessories shop. Weber offers a trolley and a stand for it


The Weber 51060001 Q1200 uses liquid propane or natural gas as fuel for powering the stainless steel burners. The burner produces up to 8500 BTU every hour for heating up to 6 steaks in the total 189 square inch cooking area. The device has an electric ignition system that makes the burner easy to start.

Regardless of whether the grill is operated with a gas cartridge or bottle, the model is very economical. A maximum of 200g of gas is consumed per hour, which leads to an operating time of around 55 hours for standard bottles with 11kg of gas.

Ease of Use

Weber Q1200 Review (Summer 2022)

The Q1200 is particularly impressive because of its ease of use. Thanks to quick-heating and intuitive operation, grilling is effortless and spontaneous.

In principle, the Q1200 is used and operated with a gas can. This is especially useful for grilling on the go. However, if the grill is to be used more at home, it can easily be converted to operate with a gas cylinder.

To do this, however, the separately available conversion set must be purchased.

Safety Features

The grill temperature of the Weber Q1200 gas grill can be adjusted continuously; a thermometer integrated into the lid shows this at a glance. So, by easily monitoring it, you wouldn’t overcook your barbecue.

The gas flame can be easily ignited with the built-in, windproof electric ignition or in the traditional way with a match.

Also, the handle light allows the grill master to have a good view of the food to be grilled, even in the dark.  So, there’d be no risk of poking your fingers in hot grills.


Weber’s Q1200 gas grill is currently one of the best-selling compact grills in its class. Because its dimensions of 20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches are pleasantly small and therefore portable. But the powerful grill is also well suited for the small balcony.

When open, the Q1200 has the following dimensions: 57cm high, 104cm wide, and 40cm deep.

The Weber Q1200 is very easy to transport and, despite its compact dimensions, offers excellent performance. Many also take it with them on vacation, especially on campsites and parking spaces.

By operating it with a gas cartridge, you can take it with you and grill it anywhere.

There is also a conversion set from Weber with which the mobile gas grill can also be operated with a gas bottle. This, of course, significantly reduces the cost of propane gas. So if you buy the gas grill for your terrace or balcony and don’t want to take it with you, you should consider the conversion set.


The body and lid made from cast aluminum and coated with porcelain ensures easy cleaning after each use. Anyone who grills often knows that cleaning can lead to incredible frustration, especially with the grill grate. This is also enameled on the Q1200.

The burner is thus protected from dripping fat. There is no formation of flames, which covers the rust from unnecessary contamination.

However, the grate still has to be cleaned, which is particularly easy. The removable fat tray makes it easy to dispose of the juice from the barbecue and ca be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Durability and Warranty

Weber Q1200 Review (Summer 2022)

The Weber Q1200 gas grill is sturdily built to be durable. In its basic structure, the Q1200 consists of two elements, a housing and a lid. Both are made of sturdy, high-quality cast aluminum.

It is coated with porcelain to prevent rust and make maintenance a breeze, hence, ensuring durability.

The basic structure of the housing and cover sits in a glass fiber reinforced nylon frame, which promises durability, heat, and weather resistance.

Weber offers a 5-year warranty on the parts of this grill, including the plastic components. The cook box is covered with a 10-year warranty.

Key features

Some of the special features of the Weber Q1200 gas grill are explained below:

  • Cast iron grill grate: The two-part grill grate of the Weber Q1200 is porcelain enamel. This ensures performance, ease of maintenance, and durability. However, they are effortless to clean after grilling.
  • Removable drip tray: The Weber Q1200 gas grill is designed so that no fat drips onto the burner, with the food starting to burn. The dripping fat ends up in a removable drip tray that can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Fold-down side tables: Two fold-out side tables are attached to the side next to the grill surface. You can conveniently place grill utensils, marinades, or spices on these. This makes the small gas grill very practical, especially for mobile grilling.
  • Optional extensions: With the optional extensions offered by Weber, such as the conversion set for gas bottles or the trolley, the grill master can extend his grill according to his taste.
  • Grill plate: So that grill fans can also prepare delicacies such as pancakes and bacon on the gas grill, Weber offers a grill plate for the barbecues of the Weber Q1000 series.
  • Portable trolley: The trolley offers the Weber Q1200 a firm stand and optimum grilling height, even when on the move. When folded, it fits in every trunk.
Note: The trolley doesn’t come with the grill but has to be purchased separately.
  • Cover hood: The cover hood, which can also be purchased separately, is made of water-resistant and dirt-repellent material. This protects the gas grill from wind and weather. Velcro strips prevent unwanted removal by the wind.

Price tag

The Weber Q1200 is offered for a little bit over $200 on the Weber online store. However, the grill can still be bought for a lesser price, depending on the color you choose. The green and orange variants are the most expensive. The blue model is the least costly and costs under $200.

Generally, we think the grill offers a high value for money, thanks to the durable construction, reliability, and assurance of quality with the 5-year warranty.

However, we think the price can still be beaten down a bit. In comparison, the CGG180 Gas Grill that comes with a stand from Cuisinart is sold for a much lesser price.

The Char-Broil Classic 360, a 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill, is also much less cheap and includes a stand.

  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect for the balcony
  • Electronic ignition and stepless heat control
  • Use of large gas bottles possible
  • Reaches operating temperature quickly
  • High-quality material
  • Only one grill zone
  • The gas cartridge empties quickly
  • Doesn’t come with a grill stand




Anyone looking for a well-built grill that can be used flexibly on the go will be satisfied with the Weber Q1200 grill. Although, as we have seen in the Weber Q1200 review, it is clear that the Q1200 was not built and intended for the big barbecue party with many guests, still, we recommend it for any grill master looking for a long-term grill.

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