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Last updated: October 25, 2022

Weber Q2200 Review (Winter 2022)

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Last updated: October 25, 2022
TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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TheBarBec is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Any BBQ or grill enthusiast is familiar with the brand Weber. It is a renowned brand that has earned its name globally because of its superior quality products. They have been around for decades now and most of their products are highly reliable because they are made with legacy and experience in mind.

The Weber Q-2200 is one of Weber’s gems. It is the crème de la crème of the Q series of portable grills. It is packed with features that make cooking in the outdoors fun and easy. If you are an outdoorsy person, it should be your prime choice because it is remarkably portable. You can also use it at home because it has everything you would need to make a complete meal for your family. Read on to find out what we have covered in this detailed Weber Q2200 review.


Our #3 pick for the portable grill
Our #3 pick for the best portable gas grill


Primary cooking area
280 sq. in.
Total cooking area
280 sq. in.
Fuel type
liquid propane
Number of burners
Grilling surface BTUs
porcelain coated cast iron
Ignition type
continuous spark
26" x 51.4" x 25.1"
44 lbs.
5 years


The Weber Q2200 is the ultimate middle ground for anyone looking for both portability and functionality on a gas grill. In fact, it is one of the market leaders when it comes to portability. It measures 280 sq inches, which is more than enough space to grill a whole chicken and cook other types of foods that can feed up to 4 people.

Its efficient and compact design can fit in your apartment’s balcony as well as inside the trunk of your car. It’s also not so heavy, coming in at 42 pounds only. This makes it perfect for camping, tailgating, and small outdoor spaces. You would need an extra hand to carry it from place to place though.

If you value aesthetics, then this grill should be a top choice for you. It has a sleek, and modern design that oozes luxury and professionalism at the same time. It is smaller than other portable grills but it comes with extra features folding side shelves and a hood for top-down cooking that make it a worthy investment.

If you buy the Q2200 in its standard configuration, you will realize it’s designed for tabletop use. It can also be placed on pavers or directly on the ground provided the surface is flat and steady. For added convenience, you can buy the portable Weber cart for grilling. It will give you the traditional cooking height.

The grill further distinguishes itself with the cast aluminum shell. The shell helps it retain heat better than many other portable gas grills that lose their heat through thin steel shells. Their cooking grates are made of heavy porcelain-coated cast iron that will last you a lifetime. The stainless steel burner tube ensures the grill has even heat distribution to cook meals to perfection.

What’s more, the grill comes with a hood-mounted thermometer that allows to track the progress of your food.

Weber Q2200 Review (Winter 2022)

Overall Performance

The Weber Q2200 compares favorably to other portable gas grills when it comes to performance. It is smaller than most of them, but just enough to cook food for a small family in their apartment’s balcony or deep in the woods when they go camping. 280 square inches can fit a full-size chicken and other BBQ cuts but if you are looking to feed many people you will have to wait so long for the food to get ready.

Using the grill is such a breeze, thanks to its easy and efficient push-button ignition. It has just a single burner that is D-shaped and heats up pretty fast. The heat is mostly evenly distributed to cook different types of food well

Surprisingly, you can take off one of the cast-iron grates and replace it with the griddle when you need to cook different types of food simultaneously. This also makes clean a tad easier as drippings wouldn’t be an issue.

Moreover, the grill is super-easy to assemble compared to other gas grills. It will take you less than 30 minutes to put it together. It comes with an instruction manual that has pictures which make the process effortless. The manual is handy for novice BBQ enthusiasts who know nothing about grills.

Overall, this grill has myriad features that give excellent cooking performance.

Cooking area

The cooking area of this grill isn’t the largest but it is sufficient for a portable grill. The size is quite reasonable because you can cook up to 12 burgers in one go. in total, the grill’s cooking surface measures 280sq inches. This allows you to cook different foods simultaneously. You can cook a whole chicken and other BBQ meats if you are well organized.

Besides the adequately sized cooking area, the grill features folding side tables. You can use the tables to prepare food or place grilling essentials like seasonings and utensils. However, they are somehow flimsy in their build. You want to avoid placing heavy stuff on them if you want them to last long. You can fold the tables under the lid to prevent them from protruding, making portability much easier.

In addition to the side tables, the grill has a generous hood that allows top-down cooking. It will only limit you to cooking small roasts, and foods that don’t require a large surface area. If you choose to cook with the top open, you will note that it doubles as a splash guard which is perfect for searing meats.

If you love to host parties, this is not the best grill for you, unless you like to stand around your grill to protect your secret recipes. You would need longer grilling sessions to be able to feed everyone.

Fuel source and ignition type

The gas grill uses liquid propane and it comes with its own fuel source. You can forget the hassle of dragging a bag of charcoal along when you go on your outdoors escapades. The manufacturer recommends 14 to 16 ounces gas cylinders for this grill but you can buy a Q adapter hose then use it to connect the grill to a 20lbs gas tank.

You can choose to have the 20lbs cylinder for home use then use the canisters whenever you travel because they are more portable.

The grill has an electric ignition type. It is fired by an electronic starter and you get a battery in the box to get you started

Burners and heat capacity (BTUs)

The Q2200 only has one burner. This is a deal breaker for some people as it somewhat slows down the grilling experience. However, the burner has a unique design that distributes heat evenly in every area of the grill. The coverage is as good as that of 2 burners from a single regulator. It ensures your foods cooks consistently to perfection.

The burner is made to last with stainless steel, which is easier to maintain and distributes heat evenly. It puts out 12,000 BTU per hour which is more than enough heat to cook different types of foods. Plus, with the cast aluminum lid, the grill is one hell of a heat-retaining cookbox. If you close the lid, you can roast some foods successfully as it is thick enough to retain a lot of heat.

Cooking grates

The grill’s cooking grates come in the split-grate design. In essence, the grill grate is a 2-part feature. The grate design makes cleaning and maintenance easier because it directs grease away from the gas burner and your food. The split design also allows you to add a griddle on one side while retaining a grate on one side so you can cook pancakes and eggs alongside steak.

The grates are made of porcelain enameled cast-iron for solid durability. Though stainless steel is known to be the best material for cooking grates the porcelain enamel makes the cast iron an equally great choice. It has non-stick properties, thus you can easily wipe away food residues during cleaning. It also heats up fast and provides a nice even heat so you don’t have cold and hot spots on the grill.

Ease of use

Weber Q2200 Review (Winter 2022)

The grill is pretty straightforward to use thanks to a couple of features like a built-in thermometer and electronic ignition. The easy ignition will have you cooking your foods in no time.

The thermometer allows you to cook your foods to perfection in the right temperature. Grilling is all about managing the food’s temperature. It is an easy-to-read thermometer located at the front edge of the lid so you can easily glance at it whenever you look down at the grill.


The Q-2200 shines when it comes to portability. It is an ideal choice for an actively outdoorsy family of 2 to 4. It is easy to bring to a picnic, camping or tailgating. You can also invest in the Weber portable car for added convenience.

It weighs a solid 42.5 pounds, which isn’t very light because of the heavy and durable materials used to make it. Lifting it from one place to another would require more than a pair of hands. On the bright side, the grill can fit inside your car’s trunk and your small apartment’s balcony.


Weber is known to offer generous warranties and the Q-2200 is no exception. It comes with a 5-year warranty on all parts and 2-year warranty on paint. The warranty on paint does not cover discoloration and fading.

Ease of maintenance

Grill cleanup and maintenance takes a lot of effort. Any manufacturer that makes the work easier should never go unappreciated. Weber simplifies cleaning and maintenance of this model by improving its design. It has the split grate design which allows you to clean each side separately with ease. Being able to pull it off in segments makes maintenance such a breeze.

Key features

The Weber Q2200 packs lots of impressive features that can impress a buyer like;

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • 12000 BTU Stainless steel burner for solid durability
  • Porcelain-enamel cooking surface
  • Ample cooking surface size of 280 sq inches
  • Infinite control gas valve for safety purposes
  • Easy start electric ignition
  • Hooded lid with a built-in temperature gauge
  • Uses liquid propane gas
  • Two work tables
  • Removable catch pan
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Even heat from the cast-iron grates
  • Extra folding work tables for food preparation
  • Easy electric ignition
  • Incredibly portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not the best lightweight at 42 pounds
  • The drippings from food can collect and clog the runoff hole at the base




This Weber Q-2200 review is a testament to Weber’s dedication producing top-quality high-performing grills. The grill has a superior build-quality likely to last you a lifetime with proper maintenance. It boasts a sleek compact design that is incredibly portable and easy to use. It is an excellent choice for a small family that loves the outdoors.

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